When to say thank you? Right now.

I don’t live life with much regret, but there’s one thing that stings:

I didn’t tell my gramps how much he meant to me.

I never thanked him for helping me become the man I am today.

But there’s good news:

I can express my appreciation and gratitude by being the person that he would have wanted me to be.

So think about it:

Who has helped you become the person you are today?

Make a list and thank them ASAP.

The obvious is people close to you.

But remember indirect influences. For example, the first book I read after college was Psycho-Cybernetics. It’s a wild name for a book, but the author, Maxwell Maltz, changed my life forever.

Here’s the truth:

Most people sleepwalk through life and forget that we’re all living because “we stood on the shoulders of giants.”

You can get super granular with this too.

For example, I wouldn’t be writing this right now if it weren’t for my teachers, who taught me how to write. They deserve gratitude.

Once you go through this exercise, you’ll realize it’s easy to be grateful.

Don’t wait to show your appreciation. Life is insanely short, and you may not get another opportunity.

The best time to say thank you is right now.